Financial Simplicity Carnival #4: The Rushified edition

March 25, 2012 Off By Jana

You know when you set out to see a movie because it looks like it’s going to be great and then you watch it and something happens that makes it even greater? That’s what happened to me when I saw I Love You, Man for the first time. Why? Because a central part of the movie is the band Rush. And if you didn’t already know, Rush is my most favoritest band of all time. I’m completely serious, too.

Which is why I thought it would be totally fitting to use during my turn hosting The Financial Simplicity Carnival, created by Nick from Step Away From the Mall. When I learned he was creating a carnival, I knew it would be awesome but it’s turning out to be even better than I expected. Just like I Love You, Man.


Are you ready to get your mind blown? You wanna get some Neil Peart all up in ya? Well, prepared to be…Rushified!!!! Oh, and there are some pretty great blog posts thrown in there, too.

Editor’s Pick

Rush song: “Dreamline” Album: Roll The Bones. Sample lyric: “We are young, wandering the face of the Earth, Wondering what our dreams might be worth, learning that we’re only immortal, For a limited time”

Posts: 5 Business Lessons Learned From Monopoly from Faith and Finance and How Does Credit Card Interest Work from Ready for Zero. Completely different posts, both fantastic to read.

Debt Reduction

Rush Song: “Stick It Out” Album: Counterparts Sample lyric: “Trial under fire, Ultimate proof, Moment of crisis, Don’t swallow the truth”

Posts: Why Have an Emergency Fund from See Debt Run; Get Out of Debt in 2012: Fix Your Credit Report from Yes, I Am Cheap; Why We Plateau and What To Do Next from American Debt Project; How We Paid Off Debt from My Money Counselor


Rush Song: “The Big Money” Album: Power Windows Sample lyric: “It’s the power and the glory, It’s a war in paradise, A Cinderella story, On a tumble of the dice”

Posts: Women Investors from Family Money Values; Starting to Invest from Thirty-Six Months; Grow Your Nest Egg with Automatic Retirement Contributions from Free From Broke; Why You Should Save for Retirement in Graduate School, Part 1 from Evolving Personal Finance


Rush Song: “Show Don’t Tell” Album: Presto Sample lyric: “You can twist perceptions, Reality won’t budge, You can raise objections, I will be the judge, And the jury”

Posts: My Infamous Cereal Aisle Meltdown from Debt Black Hole; How Do You Choose Your Bank from Boomer and Echo; Money Can Be Fun: Games That Can Teach About Money from Credit Cards Canada; Expenses to Get Set Up in Bangkok from Money Infant; Folly of Paying Someone to Cook for You from Modest Money

Making Money

Rush Song: “Working Man” Album: Rush Sample Lyric: “I get up at seven, yeah, And I go to work by nine, Got no time for livin’, yes, I’m working all the time”

Posts: Index Funds Win Big from Free Money Finance; Killer Jobs: Do You Have One from The Millionaire Nurse Blog; The Only 3 Ways To Get a Sweet Ass Government Job from Cult of Money

And now I leave you with the video for one of my favorite Rush songs, “Time Stand Still”. There’s a quiz, too: Who’s the chick in the video and what famous 80s band was she in?