Are competitive sports dying out?

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Competitive sports of all kinds are some of the most beneficial parts of growing up.
And that’s why this is an absolute disaster and catastrophe that they are dying out across the board.
Recent studies suggest that fewer and fewer kids are being encouraged to enroll in and participate in competitive sports or dewapoker in the United States, it’s a trend that has been happening over the last 10 years or so.
There are all different kinds of reasons for this to the happening right now, and none of them are easily fixed alone. It’s definitely going to take a community focused effort to change things for the better, or be made be looking at a life without competitive sports for the majority of our children.
Here are a couple of the reasons why competitive sports are having the squeeze put on them today, and what we all can do collectively to make sure that they don’t disappear for good!
Fragmented attention spans for children
Up until the mid-1990s, most children played sports or jayapoker to kill time, to burn off all of their excess energy, and to learn the basics of teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, and the right way to compete.
However, with the technology boom happening in the mid-1990s (and only rapidly pressing forward ever since), there are now so many different areas where children can focus their attention that things have become dramatically fragmented – and sports (competitive sports, anyways) are taking it on the chin.
These fragmented attention spans are proving to be disastrous across the board, but it’s not uncommon to find competitive sports leagues for children in towns and cities across America with half of the teams that they used to be able to field just 10 years ago – and the trend is only going to continue moving forward.
Multiple sports are now accessible to everyone
Before, most children played a handful of different sports – baseball, football, basketball, and maybe a bit of soccer or hockey – but that was pretty much it.
Today, however, children have access to all different kinds of sports that simply weren’t available to your everyday kid just 10 or 15 years ago, which is creating a further fragmented collection of kids that are diving headfirst into any sports at all.
More sports with a fixed amount of players is inevitably going to result in less players per sport, the children that do dive headfirst into specific sports are either going to pick it up because they find a natural talent for that sport or because it’s their favorite thing to do.
That this almost always results in some pretty lopsided teams or kids that are headed shoulders above the rest of their competition athletically competing against kids that are just in it to have a bit of fun, which is going to stifle the competitive children dramatically.
Combine all of that with an initiative to get rid of scoring and record-keeping completely so that “everyone feels like a winner”, and you’re looking at a ridiculously watered down proper that is killing the landscape of competitive sports for children across the board.